About Us

Top quality of treatment and care

In 2013, Dream International Holdings was founded in Singapore as an umbrella firm to various companies in the beauty industry; these companies operate in sectors such as plastic surgery, medic-aesthetics treatment, health supplements and beauty products.

It is currently led by its co-founder, Associate Professor (AP) Vincent Yeow, who believes in providing ‘quality care with a touch of flair’, an ethos reflected across Dream International Holdings.

AP Vincent Yeow carries more than 20 years of experience under his belt as a board-certified plastic surgeon. From 2009 to 2013, he held the position of Chairman at Aesthetic Asia. He strongly believes in sincerity and honesty when it comes to work, and firmly espouses healthcare and solutions that are both ethical and practical. His expertise and experience combine for a unique and effective look at treatment protocols bespoke for the individual client, allowing for better, higher standards when it comes to enhancing one’s natural beauty.

A trailblazer in promoting the sharing of knowledge, innovations and techniques within the fields of aesthetic surgery, medicine and dermatology, AP Vincent Yeow is also known for his pioneer work with the endoscopic brow lift, a procedure that reverses the signs of aging and promote a quicker recovery period to boot.

Joining AP Vincent Yeow are several talents who work variously in marketing, business development, finance, and R&D in skincare and clinical procedures. With our Dream Team, we aspire to be the premier choice in aesthetics and plastic surgery to our stakeholders, upholding the top standards when it comes to knowledge and service

Our Vision

We aim to be the premier global choice in beauty and wellness, backed up by a consistent dedication to quality research and development which includes evidence-based clinical treatment and surgeries. Aside from our rigorous scientific research, we also focus heavily on a full aesthetics hub of plastic surgery, medic-aesthetics and beauty products, supported by our outstanding teams of specialists.

Our Mission

  • Release the beauty within.” We want every individual who comes through our doors to experience the best they can be, and to know that they already possess beauty in their very core- they just might need a little help to refine it and help it bloom.
  • To provide the absolute top quality of treatment and care for our clients.

Our Values










We are committed wholeheartedly to quality results, excellence, and safety to everyone who walks through our doors.